“We are Christians because through the Christian community we have met Jesus Christ, heard His Word in invitation, and responded to Him in faith.  We gather at Mass that we may hear and express our faith again in this assembly and, by expressing it, renew and deepen it.

We are celebrating when we involve ourselves meaningfully in the thoughts, words, songs, and gestures of the worshipping community – when everything we do is wholehearted and authentic for us.

Faith grows when it is well expressed in celebration.  Good celebrations foster and nourish faith.  Poor celebrations weaken and destroy it.”

–Music in Catholic Worship, The Bishops’ Committee on the Liturgy, #1, 3 and 6

Our Worship ministries here at St. Mark are vibrant and active. From the varied sounds of nine different choirs, to the beautifully arranged fresh flowers on the altar; from the welcoming of our ushers and the skilled proclamation of God’s Word by our lectors, to the dedication of our servers and the care of our extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion, one can sense the depth of faith in our worship. Resting on the foundation laid by our four previous pastors, under the leadership of present pastor Father Pat Holroyd, we strive to grow closer to Christ through our worship.

I invite you to explore these pages and consider joining one of our liturgical or music ministries.

Laura Cooman, Director of Liturgy and Music


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