The Stations of the Cross – a Virtual Pilgrimage

Each time we pray the Stations of the Cross we are in spirit making a pilgrimage to the scenes of Christ’s suffering and death.  Through this devotion we have the opportunity of walking with Jesus, revisiting the great pain he endured until his death, and ultimately gaining the hope of his resurrection.  We see in a very real way that Jesus, our Lord, was human and endured great trials, all to take away our sins, and give us the hope of everlasting life.

There are many ways to make this Pilgrimage!  We especially invite all of you to join with our community every Friday in Lent at 7:30.  We realize that those opportunities are not accessible to everyone, so we wanted to make a “Virtual Stations of the Cross” so that anyone with internet access could take ten minutes to pray this devotion at any time.  This virtual devotion is a little less structured that many of the traditional texts, so you have the option of simply praying along with the video, or using the pause button to add to your favorite text of this devotion.

Share with your friends!  Anyone can pray the Stations of the Cross and take a closer walk with Jesus.


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